5 cleaning and maintenance tips: how to extend the life of your carpet tiles


Carpet tiles are an extremely durable and resistant material, perfect for corporate and even residential environments.

Among the many advantages it offers, practicality when cleaning and maintenance stands out. And like any other product, its shelf life can increase or decrease according to the care it receives.
But you can rest assured! You don’t have to go through a huge amount of work to ensure your carpet looks beautiful for years and years. Just take some precautions and, in specific cases, choose the right tools to clean your material. That’s why Unifloor has put together 5 cleaning and conservation tips to extend the life of your carpet as much as possible.

1 – Frequent aspirations

Of course, you don’t have to take the vacuum cleaner out of the closet every day, after all, one of the advantages of carpet tiles is practicality. But experts recommend performing at least two aspirations a week, according to the flow of movement on site. It is worth remembering that it is important to keep the vacuum itself clean, change the garbage disposal bags and pay attention to the condition of the filter.

2 – Dirt prevention

You know that saying that prevention is better than cure? Yeah, everyone has heard that from their mother, grandfather or someone older. And when it comes to carpet cleaning, it pays to take that phrase seriously. Better than sweating to get stains and dirt out of your carpet is to avoid them. Therefore, the tip is to place, whenever possible, a doormat or rug at all entrances to the environment, so that people can clean their feet before entering, avoiding taking dirt from other places to your carpet.

3 – In case of stains, never rub

This recommendation is very important! In case of stains or liquids, do not rub the carpet tile. This will only spread the dirt and make cleaning the material enormously difficult. The ideal is to dry the affected surface as soon as possible, absorbing the liquid with a dry and clean cloth. If necessary, always use specific products for carpets. There are many quality options on the market.

4 – Deep cleaning

Calm down, this tip does not require your efforts. Experts recommend that you perform at least one deep clean on your carpet tile per year. But who will take care of it is a company specializing in this type of cleaning. Therefore, weekly aspirations, smaller and much less laborious, are up to you; for more complex and deep cleanings, you just need to contact a specialized company and leave it in the hands of professionals.

5 – Furniture feet protection

There’s no way, furniture ends up wearing out and damaging your carpet after a while. But as they are necessary for any environment, there is a good way to preserve your floor covering. Just put protection on the feet or under chairs, tables and cabinets. You can find these products at any home improvement store. Experts also recommend that you move furniture around, to alternate the area of ​​use.

Just follow these simple tips and the lifespan of your carpet tile will increase considerably. And if you want to know some more valuable tricks to preserve your material.

How to clean carpets and sofas: expert staff and scheduled maintenance

Relying on trained and specialized professionals is fundamental to achieving the objective of clean carpets, rugs and sofas, that are sanitized and well-maintained Bay Area Floor Machine.

In addition to cleaning techniques, the professional must know how to assess the intensity of traffic, the type of dirt to which the carpet is exposed and other factors that directly affect the coating.

The team responsible for cleaning must establish a strategic cleaning and sanitation program, including available technology and recommended professional use products. It is worth noting that maintenance should not be sporadic, but routine, so following a carpet cleaning schedule is essential.

For conservation and good cleaning of carpets, the following must be observed:

  • routine cleaning should be done with a vacuum cleaner, following a carpet cleaning schedule.
  • the use of rigid brooms in “velvet” type carpets (cut) helps in maintaining the carpet’s original appearance. For other types of carpet, the use of a broom is not recommended.
  • in “velvet” (cut) and “saxony” carpets, the tufts can assume different positions, creating “light and dark” areas, due to traffic. Running the vacuum in one direction makes the shading disappear.
  • the presence of high humidity can cause the carpet to wrinkle.
  • Over time, some of the fibers in “bouclê” (loop) carpets can break down, causing a fluff on the surface. To solve the problem, just trim the excess fibers and the problem will be solved.
  • under certain conditions of temperature and time, fading may occur.
  • Filaments can wear out due to use and dirt, causing color changes.

Carpet cleaning and maintenance: health and well-being

By defining and explaining the concept of carpet, its types and materials, we reached the point of care, cleaning and sanitizing the textile covering for the floor, at this point there is little care, with a carpet cleaning schedule the result of sanitizing is effective. Check out an example of a carpet cleaning schedule below to help with a much more effective cleaning:

Unlike hard floors, carpets retain dust and dirt particles. They end up acting, in a way, as a filter that prevents dust from re-circulating with the air. Stuck in the carpet, it can be removed by vacuuming.

By carrying out scheduled maintenance, according to a cleaning plan that includes products for professional use and specific machines, the company improves indoor air quality, reduces the accumulation of dirt and dust, and provides a constantly sanitized environment.


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