Crochet Hooks: All You Need To Know


If you’re new to crocheting, you might need many tools. But don’t be intimidated. You need only a few essential items to create beautiful yarn crafts. You do not need to buy a crochet kit or special tools to start crocheting. You probably already have most of the things you need in your home. These include crochet hooks, yarns, crochet needles, and scissors. Once you have these few tools, all the other fun stuff (like pretty yarn and fun patterns) will be much easier to find and use. However, this article will teach you everything about a crochet hook

What are crochet hooks?

A crochet hook is the tool that goes into your hand while you are working with yarn. Most people use a hook between 4 and 6 mm in size, but many other options are available if that’s different for you. Try out different hooks until one feels comfortable in your hand; then, purchase that size, so it becomes part of your daily routine.

Hook types

Crochet hooks come in a variety of materials. The most common are plastic and aluminium, but some are made with wood.

Plastic hooks are the most economically priced and available, making them the best choice for beginners or first-time crocheters. Many experienced crocheters also use plastic hooks because they’re easy to clean, lightweight, comfortable to hold and tend to have a better grip than metal or other materials (which makes them easier to use).

Wooden hooks have been around since Victorian times when they were used by lace makers and people who wanted fine craft in their projects. Today wooden crochet hooks are still popular among those who enjoy using natural materials instead of synthetic ones; they’re also great if you want something more aesthetically pleasing than a mass-produced plastic version.

Hook size and materials

The size of your hook will determine how big your stitches are. Crocheters begin with a small hook and graduate to larger ones as they get more experience.

One way you can tell if you have the correct size hook is by counting your stitches following each round of crochet—a stitch gauge tool can help with this process.

It’s also essential to stay moderate when choosing too small or large hooks because they might cause frustration while crocheting.

How to choose crochet hooks

  • Choose the right size of hook for the yarn you are using. A larger hook will produce a looser stitch, and a smaller one will make a tighter one.
  • If you are doing single crochet, a smaller hook is needed than if you were doing double crochets because single crochets use half as many loops as double crochets do when completing one row.
  • Use high-quality hooks for your project so it lasts longer and the product looks great. Projects made with cheap hooks tend to be scratchy or dull after repeated uses, so consider investing in better tools that will last longer without needing replacement parts.


You now know all about the essential crochet tools needed to start crocheting. There are so many crochet patterns; you can use these tools to make them all. The best part is that after you learn how to do it yourself and get some experience, you will be able to create beautiful pieces of art using only your hands and yarn.


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