Most of us jump out of bed the moment we wake up in the morning and immediately jump into our daily tasks. By starting our day this way, we unknowingly stress both our mind and body.

I would like to present to you 5 very easy-to-implement techniques that will charge you with a lot of positive energy. You can do them every morning and very soon you will find yourself increasing your performance level and achieving much more success in your endeavors.

1. Take 5 deep breaths

Breathing is what keeps us alive. If we stop breathing, life ends. In addition, much greater power is hidden in the breath, which allows us to master our inner forces. It is no coincidence that meditation is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress. Too often, however, we mainly use our superficial breathing, which sustains our life but does not have the power to make it better and more aware. So try taking a few deep breaths in and out. You should feel the stress and tension disappear. If you want to improve your breathing, it’s good to get eucalyptus essential oil and keep it near your bed. That way, you’ll start your day refreshed.

2. Ask for forgiveness for the mistakes you made the previous day

There is hardly a person who considers himself without sin. We all make mistakes—actions or reactions that we later regret because we know we should have done better. Forgiveness helps us deal with all of this. Thanks to her we are freed from the causes of our suffering. Admitting mistakes cannot change the past, but it can create a new and better present. Look within yourself, find the shadows, realize their transitory nature, and remove them from your life.

3. Express gratitude

Every new day we should be grateful for being alive. We should also be grateful for all our earthly experiences, even if at first glance some of them seem to us to be negative for us. There is always something to be thankful for, we just have to look around us and within ourselves.

By expressing gratitude, we feel bliss and happiness in what we have. Don’t worry about the things you don’t have because that will only lead you to disappointment and suffering. Even if your life is not perfect in your eyes, you can always stop and think about the things you have and value in them. Change the prism and think only about what makes you happy, what gives you pleasure – think about the wonderful relationships you have created.

If you’re still having trouble finding something to be grateful for, get back to the basics. Say to yourself, “I am grateful for the breath of air that gives me life.” Say it and feel it. It doesn’t matter how you express gratitude, as long as your intentions are conscious.

4. Smile even for no reason

Smiling is one of the best things we can do early in the morning. We can’t feel angry when we smile. Make it a habit every day, looking at yourself in the morning in front of the mirror, to smile within a few minutes. This exercise will charge you with a lot of positive energy to start the new day.

When we smile we unlock the hormones of happiness – serotonin and endorphin. They flood the brain and quickly remove melancholy. Smiling has been proven to reduce stress and blood pressure. They also boost immunity, which is another reason to smile when you wake up. Therefore, do not hesitate, even for no reason, smile and you will feel relief.

5. Organize your thoughts and set your goals for the day

Look at your thoughts as if they were magic spells that are projected into the real world thanks to your consciousness. Thoughts shape the reality we personally experience. If we purposefully think about something related to consciousness or some life situation, we make it happen.

If we want to be happy, we do things that have brought us happiness before or things that we feel will make us happy. If we want to get out of a physically or emotionally harmful environment, we make plans to move somewhere else. Without this initial energy to move things in a new direction, the situation will not change the way we want it to.

Most of us get up for work at the same time. This usually leads to thoughts related to just getting up, getting dressed, and getting ready to go. Before we do all this, we should say out loud or write down on a piece of paper what we intend to do for the day and what goals we set for ourselves. This can be something specific like “I have to do this and that, go here and there” or something more general like “try not to say hurtful things to the people I meet during the day”.



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