Lawn care and maintenance


If you want to enjoy your quality natural grass now that summer is approaching, we recommend that you give it   proper care and maintenance Always Green LandscapingTo do this, we must follow the following steps:

Essential for our grass to remain beautiful, healthy and uniform. To achieve this, it is important that there is no excess water, which would cause serious problems with fungi and pests. The best time to water our lawn is at dawn, since in this way when the sun begins to warm it already has all the necessary water supply.

Mowing the lawn regularly can help you prevent it from deteriorating due to factors such as insects, diseases or the appearance of fungi. Height is another factor to take into account, but it varies depending on the type of grass, the season of the year and the growing conditions.
Not all soils provide the necessary nutrients to the lawn and those that do, decrease over time. The natural one is a great consumer of energy and very sensitive to the lack of nutrients. Fertilizers are a fundamental part for development, but before applying them we must always know what nutrient is missing and that it contains it.
At this point we must mention the aerated, the scarified, the topdressing… These are cares that are done occasionally but that bring great benefits to the soil.
The  aeration  is a process that consists of making holes in the earth, of approximately 10 centimeters, to allow it to oxygenate.
Scarifying :  it is a process that consists of scratching the soil superficially to remove the felt, a layer formed by remains of earth, roots and dry leaves that accumulate on the ground.
Topdressing   consists of providing a light layer of sand, mulch or a combination of all of the above elements .
You can learn all this and much more in the Lawn Maintenance and Pest Recognition course that we teach at Infoca Formación. The course is especially focused on personnel in charge of the maintenance of sports and residential turf, which will help you acquire the necessary skills to work or update yourself in the maintenance of parks and gardens.

Natural grass maintenance, tips and tricks

At Residential Services they are experts in maintaining natural grass so that it looks beautiful, healthy and full of life. The green areas that have this magnificent and fresh green blanket give beautiful views that provide the pleasant sensation of living nature.

natural grass

In order for natural grass to look the way you want, it must be properly maintained , taking care of all the details that affect its growth and color.

If you want to enjoy a healthy lawn, you must take into account certain factors that are essential for its development, such as the climate, irrigation, the use of adequate fertilizer and the type of soil.

Having regular, preventive and corrective maintenance programs will give the spaces outside your home adequate care according to their characteristics and needs.

Planning natural grass maintenance will ensure that your yard looks bright and healthy . Aspects such as the amount of sun that it will receive, the conditions of the land, the proper care and the use that it will be given are what determine how long the grass will last.

Types of natural grass

Lawn is the common name for a variety of grassy plants, which grow evenly, spreading out over the ground like an incredibly beautiful and refreshing decorative cover.

The grass is considered a purely ornamental plant , which is used to cover play and rest areas, pool edges and common areas of buildings, shopping centers and public squares.

Among the types of grass that are most used are Bermuda (also called grass), which is frequently used in public areas and soccer fields. It resists footsteps and inclement heat very well.

Another type is the kikuyu , which is characterized by having a fairly wide leaf, it is usually placed in external areas of areas near the coast , since it has a high level of tolerance to high temperatures and salty air from the sea.

The fescue is a very dark green, it resists very well to cold and dry periods. It is low maintenance, like the Rye Grass which you can see beautiful even in winter season.

The type called Bahiana grass is light and bright green in color, it has very thick leaves, it is known as Brazilian grass, it is resistant to direct sun and frequent traffic.

Advantages of natural grass

Apart from its beauty and its aesthetic contribution , where it is placed to transform a lifeless area into a welcoming and natural place, the grass also provides elements that benefit the earth.

For example, a good layer of grass , with its proper maintenance, helps control the level of erosion in the land, thus contributing to the preservation of its properties and nutrients.

Another of the magnificent advantages that grass provides to soils is that it stabilizes the mineral values ​​of the earth . It also helps to keep the temperature of the place where it is planted cool.

When the soil has a dense layer of grass on it, it is possible to increase the absorption of rainwater , maintaining the structure of the terrain.

Tips to keep your lawn healthy

To make your lawn look optimal, specialists advise providing proper grass maintenance , which must cover essential aspects to obtain excellent results.

To decide what type of grass to sow, determine if the place where you are going to plant it has foot traffic, as this is one of the key factors to take into account.

The grass can be obtained through a process of sowing seeds, which require the preparation of the soil and an expert hand to place them, to ensure their germination, so that in a short time it looks splendid.

Then, you must water constantly , at times when the sun is not so strong.

To consult the appropriate type of grass and the way to place it in your garden, nothing better than the advice of an expert, at Residential Services they will provide you with everything you need to achieve that green mantle that will improve the outdoor areas of your home.


Watering is one of the care that you must provide according to the type of grass you have, some need more water than others.

In places with a warm climate such as Acapulco, for the maintenance of natural grass and to ensure that it is well cared for, you should water it a couple of times a day, in cool moments, at sunrise and during sunset, it is ideal.

If you have installed an automatic irrigation system, turning it on at night is an excellent idea.

What you should keep in mind is that when watering, never put too much water , avoiding accumulation is essential for the grass to grow healthy and not develop diseases.

The intense sun of Acapulco requires frequent and abundant irrigation , since the action of the sun will cause the water to evaporate quickly.


Sometimes the grass has a growth that is not uniform, this gives the opportunity for weeds to appear between the gaps that remain on the ground.

To avoid this, it is advisable to reseed in that area, after completely eliminating the weeds.


A well-kept lawn needs frequent mowing . In order for it to be naturally attractive and healthy, it must be cut regularly, using the appropriate tool for it.

The grass should not be cut flush, in fact, the ideal measurement is at the height where the stem is reduced to half its size.

compost and fertilizer

After mowing the lawn, fertilizer can be placed so that the plant has the necessary nutrients that will allow it to recover and continue to grow.

On the other hand, it is advisable to occasionally place substances to control pests and diseases that can wither the lawn or make it look neglected.

Why contact a professional?

gardening expert has the necessary knowledge to ensure that your garden looks green and fresh , that includes the maintenance of natural grass.

At Residential Services, the staff has the necessary knowledge and techniques to provide you with advice on the care of your green areas and their recommendations will serve as a guide to carry out the proper maintenance of your garden.


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