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About Lena The Plug

Lena is a famous You tuber with 1.6 Million subscribers. Her Full name is Lena Nersesian. She has born on June 1, 1991, in California. Without any doubt, if I say she has found great success within a relatively short period of time isn’t wrong. Her horoscope is Gemini. She studied from the University of California Santa Cruz and has a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She has 3.5 million Instagram followers, nearly 1.6 million YouTube subscribers, and 1.1 million Twitter followers. And she’s built this empire herself. Her family is Armenian, and she grew up in Glendale, California. She earned seven figures last year. She is 5 ft. At 29, Lena is a new kind of adult performer. There was a time when adult actresses signed exclusive contracts with adult production companies. But today, influencers like Lena create their adult content and use their social media platforms to promote their content. She is a Fitness enthusiast who is famous for her Lena the Plug channel, where she has earned massive popularity for her gluteal workouts and fitness tutorials. Lena didn’t set out to disrupt the porn business After some time, Lena has figured out how to engage the wants of her crowd, and that has been the mystery behind her ever-developing brand.

Lena’s Family and Educational Background 

Lena was born on the first of July 1991. She was raised in a moderate Christian home in Glendale, California, and is the single posterity of her people. In the wake of proceeding onward from auxiliary school in 2009, she got entrance into the University of California, Santa Cruz, and graduated in 2013 with a degree in Psychology. 

While Lena the plug was thinking about Psychology at the University of California, she experienced a year at Lund University, Sweden as an exchange understudy and has warm memories of her time in Sweden. She particularly venerated the food and people in Sweden and filled in as an individual partner and sitter to fight for herself. 

After Her College Life 

Lena the plug is known to be book splendid and is acknowledged to have graduated with a fair result since she was offered entrance into a post-graduate program at the University of Southern California yet turned it down as a result of the cost consequences. She furthermore considers herself to be a bonehead as a bit of her side advantages are scrutinizing and forming stanza. 

After school, Lena filled in as a general store methodical and a Uber driver before she decided to meander into the universe of internet organizing in the wake of being introduced to the gigantic open entryways it offers by an electronic person to person communication new business she worked for. Her people are not energized with her life choices and the calling way she has taken, they are of the estimation that she would be in a perfect circumstance placing her degree in Psychology to extraordinary use. 

Lena The Plug and her YouTube Career 

Lena the Plug is new to YouTube anyway has made goliath strides. She is an assessment B YouTuber with more than 1 million endorsers and well above 67 million viewpoints for only 105 accounts posted. 

Lena’s posts on YouTube run from video online journals about her private life to relationship admonishment, health tips, and sex talk with her sidekicks. She didn’t for the most part have huge numbers nonetheless, Lena the Plug started as a successful YouTuber with someplace in the scope of thousands of endorsers of her channel. She furthermore experienced a huge amount of limitation on Instagram as her record was constantly being represented and hailed for its intriguing substance and she expected to battle to keep her Instagram account on the web. Lena has an estimated net worth from her fame and work is around $30,000.

When she started, Lena wouldn’t have imagined that she would be as successful as she is now. Her YouTube channel has 1.6 million subscribers up to this date, and she has 2.6 million followers on Instagram. This piece will look at Lena’s career path, her numerous controversial moments, and her current projects. Lena was born on 1st July 1991 to parents of Armenian descent. Lena’s parents tried to raise her according to the Christian religion, and it meant that they were very strict about what she watched on television. Lena explained on her first YouTube video that watching a show like Boy Meets World would have landed her in trouble.

After clearing high school, Lena joined the University of California to study Psychology. She graduated with a degree in 2013, and she wanted to pursue a post-graduate degree in the same field. However, the cost was too high, and she opted to move to Sweden to study at Lund University. Lena talked about her time in Sweden;

“I studied abroad in a small University town in the South of Sweden, a short train ride from Copenhagen, Denmark. The country, the people, and the laws are beautiful. Their food is okay, but they know what they are doing when it comes to dessert. Swedes are very nice but somewhat difficult to approach.”

After spending a year in Sweden, Lena went back to America, and she did several odd jobs. Lena officially regarded her fame name as ‘Lena the Plug’ while working at a social media startup. Lena started working as a Snapchat model after growing tired of meager pay that normal jobs offered. She told Heavy that her decision didn’t go down well with members of her family;

“I don’t blame them. It’s not an easy pill to swallow, but I believe they’ll come around eventually when the initial shock has passed.”

Is Lena Nersesian Bisexual? 

Lena the Plug’s darling has conveyed his euphoria over the possibility of his relationship with Lena and perspectives himself as blessed, yet furthermore advantaged to have busy with a trio with wonderful ladies like Lena and Emily. He in like manner is okay with his life accomplice posting provocative pictures of herself on the web and charging 29.99 USD for VIP premium chronicles and photographs of her presentation or her partaking in some kind of sexual development on her Snapchat account. 

Lena has in like manner should have dated a youngster all through her school years and these cross-sexual cases are not fantastical as there are chronicles online that show her expertly giving and tolerating cunnilingus from a female. 

Lena’s Personal Life : 

36-year-old No Jumper podcaster Adam “Adam22” Grandmaison and 28-year-old pornography entertainer “Lena the Plug” Nersesian have declared they are expecting their first youngster after more than three years of dating. The classless couple initially worked up discussion when she permitted her closest companion to have intercourse with Adam. At that point, they were hit with dubious charges as three ladies blamed the podcaster for sexual and physical attack. 

Even though the allegations may have cost Adam his arrangement with Atlantic Records, the couple ricocheted back and handled the spread for the November 2019 issue of Penthouse magazine. Also, Lena as of late won YouTube rivalry show The Reality House Season 2 and brought home the $50,000 thousand prize. 

Adam and Lena the Plug dating 

Around September 2016, “Lena the Plug” Nersesian and Adam “Adam22” Grandmaison started dating. Lena the Plug made the principal move by sending him an immediate message, even though it was for work at that point, and the two, in the long run, hung out face to face 

Even though the two don’t have an open relationship, they over and over take part in trios with other ladies and tape it for Lena’s exceptional substance channel. 

In March 2018, three women approached and blamed Adam22 for sexual offense and online embarrassment. Two of them asserted they would not like to get physically involved with the podcaster however feared him because of his size and gave in at any rate. 

Another blamed him for giving her a Xanax while she was affected by liquor and shot himself engaging in sexual relations with her without his authorization. 

Adam22 has since reacted to all the charges and denied ever explicitly or truly attacking a lady. His sweetheart has remained close by the whole time and denies any bad behavior. 

In mid-2017, Lena guaranteed she would discharge a sex tape if her channel arrived at 1 million endorsers. After three years, Lena hit her objective and dropped the provocative film including Adam22 on Pornhub, which aggregated a million perspectives in the main month. 

Adam and Lena the Plug with their first kid 

On April 7, 2020, Lena posted a YouTube video astonishing Adam with her pregnancy news. She started by clarifying how she hasn’t had her period in four days. 

In this manner, the YouTuber requested a few pregnancy tests. She uncovered she and Adam had been attempting to consider for around a quarter of a year before accepting the positive test. 

Since Lena discovered on February 13, she chose to film Adam’s response by giving him child-related blessings on Valentine’s Day. Once the podcaster saw the onesie and positive pregnancy test, his mouth dropped open, and he admitted he was dumbfounded 

At the point when he, at last, found the words, Adam conceded they were concerned they couldn’t have children. She educated him she was around three weeks pregnant at that point and to anticipate the child around October 26, 2020. 

In a different video, Lena gave her ultrasound pictures and clarified she would post more recordings explaining her vocation way going ahead. Right now, the YouTuber is around a quarter of a year pregnant. Congrats to Lena and Adam! 

Lena the Plug is Famous for her intriguing and ignoble YouTube video websites, she is the normal instance of an instigator; you know the sort your mom alerts you about, yea? Regardless of the way that she is respectably new to YouTube, her passing climb to notoriety, and an extended number of aficionados, similarly as points of view on various internet organizing stages, lays complement on the very known reality that sex sells and child did she profit by the insatiable enthusiasm for sex. She got altogether additionally balance when she proclaimed by methods for her YouTube channel that she would release a sex tape with her lover in case the two of them got 1 million supporters on YouTube. 

‘Want the merchandise, stay for my staggering intrigue’; this by and large short sentence exemplifies the very substance of Lena the Plug and uncovers to you a ton about her character. All these set up together has made Lena an incredibly sketchy yet interesting character and underneath are crucial real factors you should know whether you are a fan of hers. 


Lena the Plug and her Relation with Adam Grandmaison: 

Lena is at present dating Adam Grandmaison also famous for Adam22 and they’ve been as one since September 2016. He is a YouTuber like Lena with over a million subscribers of his channel named No Jumpers. Adam is in like manner notable for setting up the most acclaimed BMX site (as demonstrated by him) known as The Come Up. Adam has a BMX clothing line and a store in Los Angeles. 

Adam and Lena the Plug have a very ‘open’ relationship. They partake in trios and have no ditherings about chronicle and spilling accounts of themselves in this showing on the web. Starting late, the couple shot themselves partaking in a trio with Taylor White. There is furthermore a video on Lena’s YouTube channel where she admits to consenting to her dearest friend Emily Rinaudo; who is moreover shockingly unseemly (with a couple of accounts of her stroking off on the web) likewise setting down with Adam22. 

Hurdles in managing her social accounts

Lena and her boyfriend, Adam Grandmaison, started dating in 2016. In July 2017, Lena stirred up controversy when she revealed that she was going to let her pal Emily sleep with Adam. Lena explained in a video posted on her channel that she didn’t have an issue with Emily and Adam copulating because Emily already knew everything about her sex life. Lena, Emily, and Adam had sex off-camera before coming back on to detail their X-rated experience. Lena was trashed on social media by people who didn’t understand the logic behind the move. It wasn’t the first time that Lena and Adam had caused controversy.

The couple had previously promised fans that they would release a sex tape if both of their channels hit 1 million subscribers. Again, Lena was criticized for the declaration, but she chose to see the fun side. She told Heavy;

“Fast-forward a couple of months and I launch a YouTube channel and star alongside him on his channel a bunch (No Jumper). The joke about making a sex tape pretty much evolved into ‘Sex tape at 1 million’ idea and here we are… We’re both pretty excited about it, to be honest.”

Lena’s sexual orientation has changed as she has matured. Adam and Lena are believed to be in an open relationship. She admitted to having sexual relations with a girl during her campus days, but she now states that she isn’t bisexual.

Her Instagram and Facebook accounts have been deleted on multiple occasions

As per reported, When Lena started her social media career, she had accounts on almost all platforms. However, Facebook and Instagram kept deleting her accounts because her posts were against community guidelines.

“I never delete my Instagram page, I just can’t seem to keep it. I often get flagged and reported on Instagram and my page gets shut down and I have to fight to get it back.”

She claims that she doesn’t want to work as a porn star

Lena’s posts are sexual, but she states that she has no desire to do porn. She has received many offers, but it’s not something that appeals to her. She stated in her first YouTube video.

“Nothing against porn, I have good friends who do porn and they are fucking awesome at it. I don’t wanna do it because I don’t need to and just because it’s something that I still don’t feel comfortable doing… Just filming this video I’m a little bit shy…having sex in a room full of people and having to be perfect and put off this sexual emotion. I don’t think I can do that.”

Lena isn’t passionate about what she does. She only does it to make money. That’s why the critics don’t seem to get to her. For her, it’s just business, and she doesn’t understand why some people are so bitter about it. She told Heavy;

“I used to be someone who followed all the rules and did everything I was ‘supposed’ to do. I wasn’t happy. The way I make money now isn’t exactly something I’m passionate about, but it does give me the time and financial freedom to do things that I am passionate about… I also want to ask them why being naked is such a big deal.”

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