Suggestions to Ensure Your Skin Remains Healthy


According to a study conducted by a sparkling water company, Sodastream, 35% of all Australians were reported to have suffered from dehydration. Lethargy, sleep deprivation, poor concentration and undernourished skin are some of the most common issues people face when dehydrated. And it was also noted from the study that only 20% of the people from the study pool believed that drinking enough water could keep them hydrated.

As healthy skin is crucial to your well-being, you should follow a lifestyle where your skin is always moisturised. This article highlights some best practices to keep your skin moisturised and healthy at all times, whether drinking enough water daily or using a BB cream in Australia.

Moisturising the skin is the difference between healthy and supple skin and flaky and oily skin with blemishes and many other issues. Without the right hydration and moisturising, the dermis layer of your skin can get tight, inflamed, and itchy. And this could lead to several unwanted consequences in the long run. 

Tips to Keep Your Skin Moisturised at All Times

Switching to Gentle Cleansers

One of the main reasons people suffer from dry skin is the use of powerful cleansers laden with potent concoctions of chemicals. While it is natural to use only effective cleansers, they may remove your skin’s essential oils and do more to leave you with dry skin after use. 

Hence switching to a gentle cleanse can find the right balance between cleansing your skin and helping it retain some essential matter. 

Applying Skin Products on Damp Skin

Patting your skin dry after a wash or shower prevents you from tugging at the skin and leaves it lightly damp, which is the perfect setting for skin products. Also, this ensures that they lock up all the goodness that comes with the moisture. Further, they let the humectants in products with glycerine, and hyaluronic acid hold on to moisture easily. Finding a good BB cream in Australia could go a long way in ensuring your skin remains moisturised throughout the day. 

Eating a Balanced Diet

Diet is crucial in ensuring that your skin remains plump and supple. Be mindful about what you eat, and ensure that your food is water-dense and rich in antioxidants and good fats. If you feel you are suffering from drier skin than others, consider upping the intake of these nutrients in your food. Nevertheless, most people’s diets already contain healthy levels of these nutrients, with green leafy vegetables, nuts, and fruits essential for intake.

Drinking Plenty of Water

This is the most critical parameter that decides how hydrated your skin is. Often, you come across posts and articles that discuss the importance of water to the beauty regimens of celebrities. While one could argue that celebrities receive top-tier treatments and skincare, there is no denying the importance of water consumption in the well-being of their skin. While chugging on water now may not reverse the years of damage caused to one’s skin, it can certainly ensure the skin doesn’t get any worse from there. Many studies have also gone on to show how consuming the recommended quantity of water can increase the dermal layer of your skin, allowing it to look much healthier.

Final Remarks

The suggestions provided in this article are only a few among a long list of lifestyle changes one could make to keep their skin healthier and well-hydrated. Whether adding water-dense foods to your diet or finding a good BB cream in Australia, you could make plenty of lifestyle changes to ensure your skin remains healthy and nourished.


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