The importance of including vitamin K2


Though most individuals are aware of vitamin K2, it is hardly visible in their food choices, especially in Western diets. This nutrient has a vital role in enhancing several aspects of human health, and ignoring this nutrient in the diet may be the reason behind various chronic diseases. 

As the vitamin is less in some individuals’ diets, they buy vitamin K2 from reliable online pharmacies. It will help them maintain their vitamin K2 levels and prevent specific health issues.  

vitamin K – Overview

vitamin K is crucial in the blood coagulation process through protein molecule alteration. Vitamin K molecules have isoprenoid units, and their side chains will be of different lengths. 

They are used by the enzyme y-glutamyl carboxylase to activate specific proteins that are involved in blood coagulation and bone metabolism. Vitamin K1 and K2 are the two main types of vitamin K crucial for bone health and cardiac health.

Many studies conducted in recent years elucidated that vitamin K2 has more health benefits than vitamin K1. From skin to bone metabolism and enhanced brain functions, vitamin K2 has been contributing a lot to perfect health conditions. Blood vessel calcification and bone development in human beings necessitate the inclusion of this vitamin.  

If you lack this vitamin, consider including foods such as cereals, fatty meat, fish and eggs. However, people can also consider supplements which are beneficial in many ways. You can buy vitamin K2 from drugstores if your diet lacks the required vitamins for perfect health.

Understanding the importance of vitamin K2 in bone metabolism

The periosteum is the bone’s rigid outer membrane that protects a spongy matrix. The skeleton is entirely replaced within a decade as it undergoes constant turnover. In this process, the bone’s calcium is included in the bloodstream.

Osteoblasts and osteoclasts regulate the replacement of calcium. Osteoblasts produce the molecule responsible for carrying calcium to the bone matrix. Vitamin K2 is the only element to activate the molecule (osteocalcin), so this vitamin is essential in forming human bones.

Moreover, these molecules are responsible for dentin generation, which is essential for healthy teeth. Many trials have also emphasised vitamin K2’s role in inhibiting bone loss in people with bone-related diseases.   

Prevents heart disease

Several factors can cause heart diseases, but calcium build-up near your heart’s arteries is dangerous. Vitamin K may prevent the deposition of calcium in arteries around your heart. People with high vitamin K2 in their diet can keep heart diseases at bay.

Prevents cancer

Cancer is one of the common causes of mortality in many Western countries. Contemporary medications have effectively treated cancer, but several countries are witnessing increased cases. Several studies scrutinise the link between vitamin K2 and specific cancer types’ prevention.

People who consume less vitamin K2 might encounter blood vessel calcification and cardiovascular diseases. Experts suggest individuals consume a minimum of 32 mcg of vitamin K2 through daily diet or supplements. 

The elasticity of blood vessels also requires vitamin K2, and there are various benefits for postmenopausal women. The vitamin K2 supplement intake reduced age-related problems such as fading bone mineral density.

Wrapping up

vitamin K2 is vital for every individual to lead a healthy lifestyle. Apart from the above-specified benefits, proper intake of this vitamin can prevent excessive bleeding as vitamin K2 acts as a coagulant. Buy supplements from an excellent drugstore to avoid any complications that sprout due to the deficiency of vitamin K2.


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