If you are thinking about entering the world of weapons, first of all you need to meet some legal requirements. A weapon can have several purposes, such as self-defense, property protection, hunting animals or shooting sports. For each of these purposes, there is an adequate legal route to acquire and register a firearm.


In short, it is necessary to prove suitability, lawful occupation, fixed residence, technical and psychological aptitude for handling firearms. The main requirements are:

  • Be aged 25 or over
  • Have no criminal record
  • Not responding to an inquiry or criminal proceedings
  • Have a lawful occupation
  • have a fixed residence
  • Check psychological aptitude
  • Have technical ability to handle firearms

In addition to fulfilling these requirements, an initial question that should be asked is what you want to own a gun for. Each purpose of use has a correct form for registration and purchase.

Firearm for self defense

Self-defense is one of the biggest motivators to enter the world of guns. Weapons intended for this purpose are generally pistols or revolvers, of permitted calibers. In this case, the process of acquiring and registering the firearm is done with the Federal Police.

Firearm for heritage defense

The defense of immovable property, although it can be done with a short weapon, is best performed with a long weapon. These long weapons are rifles, shotguns and carbines. They are weapons with greater firepower and indicated for distance confrontation, indoors or outdoors.

Just like handguns for self-defense, weapons intended for property security must also be registered with the Federal Police. With some exceptions, these weapons will be restricted to the property limits indicated at the time of registration.

firearm for hunting

Hunting animals often requires the use of weapons with greater range and effectiveness. These weapons are often restricted to ordinary citizens but can be purchased by hunters registered with the Army (CAC).

The purchase and registration of a hunting weapon must be done with Army. This is a relatively simple procedure; however, it requires that the interested party already has the Hunter Registration Certificate (CAC).

Weapon for sport shooting

Sport shooting is a practice that provides for the use of weapons and ammunition in calibers and limits that are not allowed to ordinary citizens. This is an activity regulated by the Army. As with hunting weapons, sport shooting weapons are also registered with the Army. In the same way, it is necessary that the interested party has the Registration Certificate, but in the Sport Shooter modality.

5 home defense weapons you need to know

The 5 weapons for residential defense that we will present have been increasingly sought by citizens apprehensive about the political and social instabilities of recent years.

After all, the transition of governments can, in fact, result in a great danger: the discontinuity of policies of flexibility of access to weapons.

On the other hand, public insecurity is also a notably amplified factor with the increase in impunity.

This, incidentally, is perpetuated by political disregard for penal reforms, which are so essential.

In this sense, the demand for defense equipment such as firearms is not surprising.

So, now check out the 5 options for home defense weapons that deserve your attention when your security is in check, you can buy weapon easily from JATA Tactical.

How to choose weapons for home defense? 

To assertively choose your weapon for residential defense, it is important to consider criteria such as:

  • Weapon grip in your hand.
  • Ammunition capacity and ease of reloading.
  • Financial accessibility to ammunition.
  • Cost of training and acquisition process.
  • Education and training on home safety protocols.

In this way, it is much less likely that there will be frustrations at the long-awaited moment of picking up the firearm at the shooting club.

Incidentally, the gun ownership process is already bureaucratic and costly enough and, after winning it, no one wants to deal with the frustration of a bad choice, right?

In addition, in the list below we list some affordable national options, although there are other excellent options from international and national manufacturers.

  1. BM-F-9 Carbine
  2. TS9 pistol 
  3. CBC Pump Military 3.0 shotgun 
  4. G3 TORO Pistol
  5. Revolver Taurus RT 838


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