3 Steps That Will Help You Buy A Curvy Swimwear


Even though you believe that society has grown as a whole and are way past the body-shaming mentality, you don’t realise how it still prevails in little things. Women are constantly objectified for their body types. For example, a plus-size woman must not wear a body-hugging dress or sexy swimwear of her choice. 

Well, many plus-size influencers have broken all stereotypes and have come out to be strong and opinionated social media influencers. When buying curvy swimwear for curvy clothes, most women get conscious and consider options that enhance their curves instead of making them feel less confident. 

Summers are always full of beach picnics, surfing, and having a great time with family and friends. Nothing should make you feel uncomfortable while choosing what you should wear. Nobody has the right to judge you for your choices. Whether you want to flaunt your curves or hide them, it is totally up to you, lovely ladies. Remember that all body types are beautiful, and instead of shying away from feeling beautiful and confident, own what you like and embrace your curves. So, give a read to this quick guide to help you make the best choice for achieving a flattering beach body with the following information. 

Here are three steps to follow to fit a perfect fitting swimwear. 

  1. Always take your current body measurement before buying swimwear. Different brands will have varying measures according to their manufacturing. You can check the size chart to see which size suits you best and proceed to purchase. 
  2. To know what fits you well, it is advisable to check your previous swimsuit size and wear it to understand how comfortable you feel in it. Suppose the swimwear feels loose or tight; you know precisely which size you need and what expectation you can set with its fitting. 
  3. Suppose you plan to buy swimwear online; you can find more variety and options than in-store collections. A quick tip to remember when buying swimwear online is to read the description and reviews of the product before purchase. Some customers even leave a product picture in the review for reference. 

What are a few features to look for when purchasing a bathing suit?

There are plenty of brands now that specifically design curvy swimwear that support the needs of every plus-size woman and embrace their curves. Whether you want a high rise, tummy tucking, underwired, or one-piece or two-piece swimwear, you’ll get it all. 

A few patterns that would compliment a curvy body are as follows. 

Tummy Tucker Swimwear 

Brands specifically design control swimwear that focuses explicitly more on the belly region and slims you down a bit. It has mesh paneling on the inside that holds the waist pretty well and allows air to pass, making you feel uncomfortable. The tummy controlling feature does not suffocate you. Instead, it works well to do the job it needs to perform. 


One-piece ruffled swimsuits are a perfect match for curvy girls. Straight or angled ruffles have a beautiful way to hide that excess fat and skin and give you the super sexy and cute appearance that sure is going to turn heads. 

You find many other options to flaunt what you got, ladies. But remember that before you buy any bathing suit, you check its fabric and size details to avoid any trouble. Suppose you plan to order online; at least read the return and exchange policy. Trying what you fancy is necessary to understand whether it is meant for you. So, check a supportive brand and slay the summers in your style. 


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