4 Things You Need To Know About Adjustable Pedestals System


The windproof pedestal system is intended to solve the surface lift caused by wind safely, long-term, and cost-effectively. Windproof pedestals systems ensure a strong connection between the finished flooring and the supports.

The flooring is joined together by firmly attaching the supports and plates with “T” and “L” shape clips. As a result, the windproof pedestals System and the Paver anchor to one another, resulting in wind resistance.


  • Shape Clip inserts into the pedestal’s spacer fin, creating an anchor point.
  • An anchor point is created by inserting an L Shape Clip into the pedestal’s spacer fin.
  • Head XLW with spacer fin
  • SE and NM Series Pedestals are compatible.


  1. Creates a connection between the pedestal system and the finished floor surface.
  2. An invisible system that allows the flooring to keep its original appearance.
  3. There are no adhesives or screws required.
  4. Allows for the examination of the underlying surface by simply removing the elements.
  5. absorbs structural and expansion movements
  6. Windproof pedestals can be used with NM or SE Series Pedestals.

PEDESTAL WINDPROOF – Because wind happens

  • Due to ongoing climate change, we are accustomed to heavy rains and strong winds, which can sometimes lift objects that are not adequately secured to our terraces and outdoor areas.
  • These events, which are no longer uncommon, force us to develop even more versatile products that can withstand destructive weather hazards: stormproof products.
  • Today, Eterno Ivica is pleased to introduce a new line of supports designed to withstand wind force; they are referred to as “Windproof pedestals” because they solve the problem of “plate lifting” in a safe, effective, and cost-effective manner.
  • The system is intended to create a strong connection between plates, supports, and the laying surface: the steel screw is embedded inside the Eterno Ivica support and passes through the plate joints. The leaves are connected to the approval by a perfectly designed and sturdy steel ring. At the same time, the support base is anchored to an innovative double-sided adhesive butyl sheet that conceals a compound specifically designed to adhere to various waterproofing membranes, resulting in an unprecedented wind resistance system.
  • The system is fascinating not only due to its interconnected components but also due to the reaction that the entire concatenated pavement imposes on the force of the wind, systematically resisting its traction and distributing the wind strength between the tiles and the interconnected supports.

When should pedestal flooring be used?

  1. Pedestal flooring makes use of the traditional raised flooring or floating paver system. You can increase and adjust floor surfaces with this system for elevated deck applications, supporting garden pavers, and accommodating waterproofing membranes.
  2. Pedestal flooring is a quick and effective solution for flooding-prone areas (such as balconies, green roofs, water features, pool areas, etc.). The small gap between each slab or tile allows for rapid water drainage, with water collected on the laying surface beneath for quick drainage and easy access for waterproofing.
  3. Pedestal flooring is used in commercial buildings to easily pass pipes and electrical equipment underneath.
  4. The pedestals’ adjustable nature creates a void among the paving and the membrane, encouraging air movement and lengthening the lifestyle of your waterproofing, enhancing warmth insulation, and imparting brief and clean get entry for any plumbing and electrical maintenance.
  5. Pedestal flooring is also ideal for balconies or high-rise buildings because it allows the paving and supports to absorb the natural expansion and movement while maintaining structural integrity.
  6. Finally, the adjustable nature of the Pedestal System allows for a quick installation with minimal site preparation, lowering the cost of new projects and causing less disruption to existing ones.

Benefits over traditional laying methods

Grouting, caulking, and bonding agents are no longer required, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Pedestals and pavers are lowered into position.

The lack of grout eliminates the worry of grout smear, which is common in standard paving installations, resulting in a cleaner and neater paved finish.

Drainage levels can be built into the paving sub-base, resulting in a perfectly level finished surface.


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