A Guide on Alkaline Water Systems


A water ionizer is one of the best home appliances that maintain the pH of drinking water by using the process of electrolysis. It separates water into acidic and alkaline. An alkaline water filter is a type of water ionizer, which also controls the pH level and prevents unfavorable acids from being present in the water.

How is ionized water different from alkaline water?

Water having a pH greater than seven has an alkaline character, whereas a pH lower than seven is acidic. Compared with alkaline water, ionized water contains more antioxidants. So, it provides more health benefits than alkaline water. Water gets alkalinity from bicarbonate and magnesium carbonates. Ionized water carries alkalinity through the presence of calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide. Adding synthetic minerals to alkaline water is one of the ways to increase the pH level. Using ionized alkaline water helps to reduce the production of lactic acid in human muscles. This also prevents premature aging. Owning an alkaline water filter has many advantages.

Having the best power source is a significant factor for the proper working of a water ionizer. Most of the ionizers are supplied with switched-mode power supplies. Generally, an ionizer uses 70 watts to 400 watts at its maximum level of working. It will produce higher heat by the consumption of power. 

Plates Used in The Water Ioniser:

It is significant to select the best plate for this because drinking water passes over this regularly. Generally, plates used in this are platinum-coated titanium plates. Employing this supports safe electrolysis. The improper selection of plates never assures the safety and stability of the water ionizer. These plates provide more efficiency than others. Titanium is a metal that has high strength, hardness and is corrosion-resistant. Platinum is a metal that increases the rate of electrolysis. 

Techniques of Plating:

  • Electroplating

In this plating, new technology is being adopted by manufacturers. It allows smooth surface and efficient ionisation. It is costlier than other plating methods. 

  • Dipped

Dipping plates offer the maximum smooth surface, and it is the usual type of plating technique. Its support in the self-cleaning system makes it more efficient in a water ioniser. Hence, this is the better choice of plating technique compared with others.

Types of Plates:

  • Solid plates: This is the most common type, wherein a certain amount of electricity will concentrate at parts of the plate.
  • Holed plates: This allows a better current flow by having a large number of holes. 
  • Slotted plates: These are better than solid plates. It supports more electric current and results in efficient ionisation.
  • Mesh plate: This provides more surface area and contacts properly with the surface. Hence, it is one of the best plates for ionisation. 

Plate Cleaning Systems:

There are two types of cleaning systems available. One is acid wash, and another one is cleaning. Acid wash is the most recommended method of cleaning. It only takes a few seconds for cleaning. This mainly works with ionisers having solid plates. Compared with the other one it takes more water, and hence, wastage of water occurs. In continuous cleaning, there will be no wastage of water or time. The benefit of having an alkaline water filter or consuming alkaline water will help in losing weight. One can add alkaline water to the diet for weight loss. Drinking alkaline water instead of plain water allows more hydration to the body. Drinking alkaline water will strengthen the bones. This water contains lots of minerals, and minerals are beneficial for human bone health. In Australia, people are concerned about their health, so everybody prefers drinking alkaline water on alternative days. This also prevents toxins in the human body.


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