Baby Rompers – What are They and How Can You Make One?


When it comes to kids’ clothing, most of you might come across these four common types – bodysuits, baby rompers, onesies and pyjamas.

Even though they look similar they can’t used synonymously. Baby rompers should be only called rompers and not pyjamas. Here, we have attempted to clear your confusion. 


Rompers are a single piece of clothing that covers the entire body of the babies. They have long sleeves and long legs with an opening near the leg. This facilitation of the opening allows for changing the diapers without having to undress the baby. They are quite comfortable for the baby as they cover their whole body. 


These are like oversized plants for the babies that make for a good sleep time dress. These pyjamas resemble normal pants but help increase the comfort level of the babies by not restricting the movements and providing them with a lot of space in their legs for air. Pyjamas go well with any kind of T-shirt and top wear. Pyjamas are easy on babies and can be taken without much effort.  


Onesies are the kind of bodysuits that cover the torso of infants. They can be used for covering the diapers and are also a good nighttime dress like pyjamas. They usually come as shirts with buttons that extend below the waist. The buttons from either side can be stuck together for fitting them to the babies. When the diaper needs to be changed, the buttons given in the garment in the crotch area can be easily unzipped. 

Baby Suits 

Bodysuits are comfortable clothing pieces where the t-shirt type garment extends below the waist and the snaps can be used to stick them together. Just like the pyjamas and onesies, they can be great night dresses for the babies. 

Choose Your Perfect Romper

When it comes to fashion, nowadays not only comfortability matters. Many people want to wear the best trending styles. If you are thinking about wearing some trending rompers – here we have a suggestion for you. 

Mother nature is suffering a lot nowadays. The burden on her has increased big time due to the high commercialization, urbanisation and consumerism. In these times, it would be better for the planet if we can play at least a small role in reducing the burden on her. If you are ready to join the cause, we are revealing the name to you. It’s called the ‘Bamboo rompers’. 

Why Choose Bamboo Rompers?

Baby rompers are fibres that can provide more comfort to babies than any other materials. We are recommending bamboo as they are breathable, comfortable and non-restrictive. They provide comfort to the babies both in the summer and winter seasons. 

Also, bamboo is hypoallergenic which makes them the best cloth for the springtime when the incidence of allergies is higher. So, bamboo is your all-weather friend to keep your baby cosy and warm. 

What is the Best Washing Powder for Baby Clothes?
Baby skins are extremely sensitive when it comes to allergies or infections. So, it’s very important to take care of the kind of washing powder used for baby clothes. When it comes to washing powders, it is always better to use non-bio liquid detergents or powders as these are known to be harmless to sensitive baby skins. 



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