6 Fresh Ideas to Make the Most of a Wasted Bottle of Wine

Wasted Bottle of Wine

Cracking open a bottle with friends or family is a luxurious treat for any wine lover. But what do you do with the remainder of that bottle when you’re done? 

Wine bottles can sometimes be hard to finish, especially if leftover after a party or a get-together.  

This can either mean that the bottle goes to waste, whether red or natural wine or that it is poured away as it’s slightly out of date.  

Instead of pouring day-or-two-old wine slightly past its prime down the drain, check out these creative ways to make the most of an unfinished bottle. 


The most typical usage for a red on the verge of death is marinating. This is an excellent method to season whatever you’re barbecuing. To build a meaty work of art, all you require is a bottle you’re no keener on consuming and a little imagination.  

Try a delicious red wine marinade if chicken seems to be on the agenda for flank steak. 

Clean Your Windows 

Vinegar, which has traditionally been employed to remove stains and spots from windows and glass, is comparable to old white wine. 

Leave your vinegar in the pantry and use a dollop of undesired white wine alternatively to etch out stains and fingerprints on panes and glassware. 

Traps for Fruity Flies 

You won’t want to drink your wine if it’s on the verge of becoming vinegar, but who can answer for kitchen bugs? All kinds of wine attract these nasty bugs to your cooking avenue. 

If you’re having trouble with these pesky little pests, try this simple kitchen hack. 

Fill half glass with the vinegary red wine, wrap it securely in plastic or bubble wrap, and pierce a couple of small holes around the top. Fruit flies, like roaches, will invite themselves in for their quick death.

Healing Abrasions 

Wine is high in flavonoids, antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation in the body. Apply a cotton swab drenched in red wine to scratches and bruises to calm the skin. 

Dyeing Fabrics  

The issue, not the objective, is generally spilling red wine onto table linen. Instead of reaching for the hydrogen peroxide container the next time you encounter a spill, get a big pot and start transforming your t-shirts, bedsheets, and tablecloths.  

Cooking times will vary significantly based on the kind and quantity of fabric used and the desired colour. You’ll require a huge pot, a stove, and a lot of wine. 

Making Vinegar at Home

This approach takes a little longer, but anybody who has attempted to make their own vinegar can testify to how much better it tastes than the store-bought one. 

There’s plenty of information on the internet, or you may go to your nearby health-food or home-brewing store for help. Begin by following a simple recipe or experimenting with different methods for making vinegar from old wine.

Parting Note 

If you’re like most wine drinkers, you might be guilty of using up a bottle of wine faster than you can say, “enjoy the rest of your evening.”  

While it can be tempting to pour that slightly aged bottle of Chardonnay or natural wine that’s been sitting on your counter into the sink, now you know that there are some creative ways to make the most of an unfinished bottle. 

After all, wine is meant to be enjoyed, and it’s a shame to see a bottle go to waste.



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