AMWF (Asian Man White Female/White Man Asian Female)


People ask about the meaning of AMWF. Basically, amwf refers to an Asian man and white female relations. Quartz once did a survey: Which race is the most popular among all ethnic groups in the United States? The survey results show that boys of almost all races prefer Asian women the most. As for boys, white boys are favored by all girls…

asian fetish amwf

In other words, AMWF means Asian girls and white boys are the two most popular types of people in the dating market. Not only do they attract girls of the same race, but they are also the favorite inquiries for most other races. But before you become complacent, I want to remind you: some European and American men like Asian women, but they don’t want to have an equal and rational emotional relationship with each other. They like Asian girls because they have submissive and easy fantasies and prejudices that are full of racial discrimination.

Historical Background of WMAF

old amwf

This Western fascination with Asian girls is called “Asian Fetish” (Asian Fetish) or “Yellow Fever” (Yellow Fever)… The origin of “Asian Fetish” has not yet been verified. But what is certain is that this is a phenomenon based on the widespread backwardness of modern Asia.

Asian culture was once all the rage in Europe and America in the 19th century: Chinese ceramics and tea, Japanese prints, and geisha. These products were all the rage among the middle class and gave birth to European and American fantasies about the land of East Asia.

But at that time, Western literature and paintings depicted an Asia of male thieves and female prostitutes. Asian males are often the object of ridicule by racists: small eyes, weight loss, listlessness, and lack of masculinity (probably because of the opium epidemic).


The popular film series “Fu Manchu” reflects amwf in the United States is the pinnacle of this racial discrimination. The villain Fu Manchu is a sinister Asian, always thinking about conspiracy against white people. But Asia is a land full of beauty. Fu Manchu’s daughter is an image of amorous feelings and dissatisfaction. You can also see from the Western fantasy of Indian and East Asian women that Eastern women always appear in Western literary works in indecent images.

This is the standard cool essay of that era: Asian men are all insidious and sinister bad guys, while women are all amorous, imprisoned there, waiting for the rescue of white people…and the real emergence of “Asian fetishes” is Have to wait until the second half of the 20th century.

After the end of World War II, a large number of American troops came to Asia and became the occupying forces of Japan, the Philippines, South Korea and other places. These American soldiers from large rural areas have experienced the experience of being human for the first time in Asia: the gap between countries is too big.

The luncheon meat that the U.S. military doesn’t like to eat and throws away is a delicacy that locals are eager for. Everything is cheap, and the U.S. dollar has incredible purchasing power. The most important thing is that all the women in the occupied areas are proud of their soldiers. They are “easy” to an incredible degree. A piece of chocolate can buy a girl’s first night. The Western fantasy about Asia has come true.

In defeated Japan, a large number of women forced their livelihoods to work in the state-run women’s service department to serve American soldiers. Extreme poverty has forced them to live with foreigners who can provide them with livelihood security. In Vietnam and the Philippines, American soldiers can have casual affairs with women around the base. After a Vietnam War, countless mixed races were left behind. Even more frightening is that “easy Asian girls” became a selling point of the U.S. military to attract young people to serve as soldiers. Disseminated to the public through propaganda…

AMWF relationships

To this day, many Europeans and Americans still have such illusions about Asian women: they are submissive to patriarchal, more gentle, considerate, and more importantly, they are easier than white women. It is precisely these characteristics of Asian women that some Westerners like and prefer Asian girls as their partners.

In Southeast Asia today, there is such a group: most of them come from the bottom of Europe and the United States, they are 50 or 60 years old, and they cannot find a wife in their home country. After retiring, he took his pension and came to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia bought a wife, and settled down. They are called sexpat: sex and ex-pat (immigrants).

A reporter once interviewed an American who moved to rural Thailand. He told reporters: They like Asian wives because they are more loyal, obedient and able to do housework than white women.

“They are just like women in the United States 50 years ago. I support equality between men and women, but I have to admit that equal rights make it harder for men and women to communicate”. This is a better way out for them.

sister in law street

There is even a “Sister-in-law Street” in the local area, with Western-style bars and restaurants, which specialize in serving these sons-in-law who come to Southeast Asia.

Such interracial couples still cannot escape racial discrimination even when both of them are American. There is a sub-forum r/hapas on Reddit. The members are mainly white and Asian children, and they are all white husbands + Asian mothers.

When they grew up, they witnessed the unequal relationship between their parents and caused them irreparable harm. So many people are opposed to interracial marriage. Their families often have extremely unequal family relationships. My father despised Asian culture and screamed at his mother as if her mother was inferior. And mothers often choose to endure silently rather than resist. The Asian characteristics of mixed-race children are not only disgusted by their fathers, but even their mothers prefer a more white appearance. Some people say that they just like white/Asian/black people and want to date people of a certain race, which is everyone’s freedom. As long as the relationship between the two parties is based on mutual equal love, they should raise their hands in agreement.

zuckerberg amwf

For example, Zuckerberg set the best example of amwf. Facebook founder and his wife Priscilla Chen fell in love for 9 years and finally got married. After Zuckerberg successfully founded Facebook, Chen did not give up his career pursuit and became a doctor. Even in the relationship between the two, Chen was still the more academically dominant character, and Xiaozha was a “scumbag” at that time. And if the basis of the relationship between the two parties is an unrealistic fantasy of one race, the desire to exert control and violence on the other party. Or just because of the other person’s skin color, he lowered his mate selection criteria and became easy. This kind of pathological relationship is not the love we should have.



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