Wii U Title Keys Database and Game Keys

Wii u title keys

I was informed on the Wii database that the Wii / Wii U title keys/ 3DS title key generator was leaked.

Source code outflow of Wii and 3DS / 2DS of factory software outflow continued to like, now is a mechanism to generate the title key of Wii · Wii U title keys· 3DS, that is, the outflow of the title key generation algorithm. Rather than a new leak, it seems that it is a leak that has not appeared in the table due to the leak related to Nintendo’s game machine that originated from the overseas bulletin board 4ch.

The title key is AES encrypted and resides in an encrypted file called a ticket. Games and applications are encrypted with a title key and are essential for all game and application titles to work. Therefore, the title key is different for each title. Normally, the title key cannot be extracted unless this encryption is decrypted, but since the leak this time is a mechanism to generate the title key, the title key will be known without decrypting it. Once you know the title key, you can use it by encrypting it with the already revealed Common-

The Wii database writes, “I received a title key generation script from an anonymous person from Wii, 3DS, and Wii U, so I checked it and it was real.” In fact, the script was able to generate a Wii virtual console title, a Wii U title keys game, and a decrypted title key for the Wii disk.

You will be wondering what you can do with this. Specifically, if you know the title ID, you can decrypt all Wii / Wii U title key/ 3DS titles

It’s not just about game consoles, but being able to decrypt (decrypt) is the worst thing that can result in no security as a result of hacking. I sympathize with Nintendo when I come here.

It was added in the Wii database that it was confirmed that the DSi title could be decrypted.

Wii, DSi, 3DS and Wii U title key generation leaked

The Nintendo leaks don’t stop: After the leak of parts from IOS and Horizon, the title key generation for Wii, DSi, 3DS, and Wii-U titles has now been leaked.

The title key in the ticket encrypts the content of a game/application – it is, therefore, essential and different for each title – it is virtually impossible to brute force it. 

 At the salt it is the ID4 of the title, combined with a constant value.

In concrete terms, this means that almost every Wii, DSi 3DS, and Wii U title keys can now be decrypted and viewed if only the TitleID is given. 

Wii U emulator “Cemu” key setting list

Software “Cemu” that emulates Wii U applications on a PC

First released on October 13, 2015 Wii U Emu
Nowadays, it is a good time for those who want to enjoy
high-quality Wii U by
emulation, such as comfortable operation even with low-spec devices and more software with high reproducibility

Actually, sometimes I start the Wii U emulation “Cemu” software

I need a soft key and I want to start the soft key

You have to look at each region and write to a text editor.

This time,
we will introduce how to check and set the “Cemu” softkey, and how to apply the update data and DLC in the Wii U title keys emulation

Wii U Title Key How to Find

As explained above in Cemu, you need the key for the software you want to start in order to start the software.

Since the title key of the software differs depending on the same software or the supported region,
you will have to enter the key that matches the region of the software you have.

To find out the title key of Wii U, volunteers from overseas searched and summarized it.

On this site, Title ID and Title Key are organized by soft region.
Enter the name of the software you want to start in the SEARCH (search field) in the upper right corner.
Since it will be an overseas site, it is recommended to search in English.

You can get the key.

Copy the software title key that matches the region of your software in the Region field.

Japan region is JPN
America region is USA
Europe region is EUR

If you make a mistake here, even if the software is the same, it will not start at all, so be careful.

Also note that
if you want to get the Type (key type) software startup key, copy from the code in the “eShop / Application” column.
If you want to get the key for the game update/update data, the code in the “Patch” column
Download content DLC If you want to get the key of the data, please get it from the code in the “DLC” column.

How to set “keys.txt”

Once you have the keycode, set up Cemu.

Let’s start Cemu first. Then, a text file called “keys.txt” will be
created in the Cemu older, so open it with Notepad. (“Keys.txt” will be regenerated if you remove it from the folder and start Cemu again)

Get the title key you got earlier in this file.

“541b9889519b27d363cd21604b97c67a # example key (can be deleted)” at the bottom is an example of key
entry, so please write it in this form.

Since you must enter a primary key before entering the software title key
in Notepad
D7B00402659BA2ABD2CB0DB27FA2B656 # Wii U Common Key
36262B5F49C69164E3BE2BB87C9922A7 # Wii U Common Key
A851D78AB8F0A6FE1E93CFCEAF99A179 # Wii U Common Key
please by adding to write the above.

All you have to do is write the title key in the above form.

After #, it is just like writing a memo and is not affected by the program, so
please edit it so that you can understand it easily.

The Wii U emulator will automatically select the correct key, so regardless of the
order, enter the software you want to start, so add line breaks in order.

For the time being, I will list the main software in multiple regions.
Please copy it to “keys.txt” as it is.

Title database Wii U – USA Game Keys

You can download Wii Title Data base for USA game keys here

However, the “Wii U Title Key Database” introduced earlier may have some keys that do not start in rare cases.

If you enter the start key but it does not start,
note that the region is wrong or if you type in the space between the code and # with a double-byte space, space will also be recognized.




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