Wii U “Xenoblade chronicles definitive edition for switch review.


 The previous work “Xenoblade chronicles definitive edition” attracted a lot of attention with a unique combination of Nintendo & Monolith Soft. The unique view of the world where people live on the body of a giant god, the fields that are almost walkable in the visible place, the hot story where the production and music are in perfect mesh, etc. are very complete, RPG It is a masterpiece that is among the top.

 It has also been ported to New Nintendo 3DS, so if you haven’t played it yet, please try it
The new work “Xenoblade chronicles definitive edition” by Nintendo & Monolith Soft, which created such “Xenoblade”, is finally on sale! I will play until the ending as a job, and after that, I will deliver the charm of this work that I found by playing earnestly while being pointed to by the surroundings saying “That person is coming today”.

■ Survival science fiction set in an unknown planet! Pay attention to the bold world view !!

 July 2054. The earth was scorched by being involved in the battle between alien civilizations that suddenly appeared. The integrated government has launched the “Earth Species Pan-Immigration Plan”, and stellar immigrant ships carrying humankind have taken off from all over the world. However, many immigrant ships were shot down when they escaped from the Earth’s sphere …
 The stellar immigrant ship, White Whale, was fortunate to have escaped from Earth but was discovered by an alien pursuit unit after a two-year wandering journey. Then, the white whale, which was wrecked by a fierce battle, crashed into an unknown planet, Mira, while collapsing the hull.
 The surviving white whale crew refurbished their residential units to create New Los Angeles (NLA), the home of mankind in Mira. They then form a private military organization, “Blade,” and begin exploring “Life,” a facility where people who have been carried dormant scattered throughout Mira sleep.

 Two months later, the story begins when Braid’s Elma discovers the hero who was sleeping in the “Life Pod.”
 As you can see from the story at the beginning, this work is titled “Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition”, but there is no direct connection with the previous work “Xenoblade Chronicles”. Since the times, stages, characters, etc. are all different, you can enjoy it without any problems even if you start playing from this work.

■ The highest degree of freedom in how to play is the best among many RPGs!

 The hero who was brought to NLA by Elma will become a member of Blade and will search for a place with “life”, commonly known as Life Point, while investigating the planet Mira. The party can be teamed up with up to 4 people, and 3 people other than the main character can be freely replaced except for some quests.

 As the flow of the story, there is a “story quest” which is the axis, and the story progresses by clearing this. Although there are some events that will not occur unless you advance the story quest to some extent, you can freely walk around Mira from the beginning of the game.
 In addition to the story quests, there are a large number of quests that can be received in various parts of Mira, and the amount is much higher than the previous work “Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition”.

 You can fight protists to hone your strength, walk around Mira to investigate, or do quests to solve the problems of NLA residents.

 In the previous work “Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition”, the destination of the story was specified and the style was “You are free to go that far”, but in this work “If you do the story quest once in a while, you can do whatever you want.

Speaking of the promise of science fiction things, encountering the unknown. In this work as well, you will meet various aliens who live in Mira. There are many friendly races such as the Nopon people of the trading race and the Ma Nonpeople with advanced civilization, but there are also races that are hostile to the earthlings like the bias people!

■ Let’s run around Mira with your own avatar!

Xenoblade chronicles Mira

One of the features of this work is that you can freely create the main character with avatar makeup. Multiple face shapes are prepared as presets for each of the men and women, and from there you can change your height, hairstyle, eye color, makeup, etc. to create your own avatar.
Kunihiko Tanaka, who worked on the character design for the “Xeno” series, is working on the base design, and you can make a wide range of characters such as girls, young people, old men, and pandas.

 Depending on the combination of face and make-up, you can make a popping character like the “Mira Collection” on the official website of ” Xenoblade Chronicles “, so people who like Iromono may be very satisfied !?

 You can also choose from 10 male and 10 female voice actors during the battle. Many voice actors who are closely related to the “Xeno” series, such as Shintaro Asanuma, Ai Maeda, and Mariko Suzuki, also participated! Each voice has a rough personality such as “royal road”, “rival”, and “tsundere”, and it is easy to choose a voice that suits the main character you think.
In such a fascinating voice, the three characters of “Chuunibyo” that shined brightly caught my heart from the first glance! With the famous performance of voice actor Soichiro Hoshi, the quality is not disappointing. I want you to choose and enjoy it in the actual play !!

■ Joy and surprise to walk around the vast continent seamlessly!

 One of the selling points of “Xenoblade Chronicles” is a vast field that is seamlessly connected. Since you can freely explore the vast five continents, it feels like one planet is prepared almost entirely. However, until I played, I was skeptical that “even if I say that, there is a road due to the connection of the continents, right?”

 However, after jumping out of NLA, I walked all the continents on the planet from Haji to Haji, but there was really no waiting time for loading. I was surprised that the seek of the disc did not even cause a stutter.
However, when entering and exiting the Blade Home, when using the function “Skip Travel” that instantly moves to a point you have visited once, there is a little load at the three points at the time of the event.

 Also, since the sample version I played this time was only a disc, loading of characters and textures could be delayed by a few seconds immediately after loading these or when moving a long distance at high speed using a doll. I would also like to expect how much such delays can be reduced by booting from the product version of “Load Acceleration Data Pack” or HDD.
Not only the technical part that allows you to walk the world seamlessly, but also the creation of the world view is amazing.

 The “primitive wilderness” that extends outside the NLA is a grassland characterized by an arched crust like the Gaur Plain of “Xenoblade Chronicles”. Various protists gather around the lake and drink water, and when a huge shadow passes by at a tremendous speed and I think “What !?” and look at the sky, huge birds and mysterious creatures are flying. It’s full of life and it’s exciting just to walk.
 In addition, the environment is completely different for each continent, such as the jungle-like “night light forest” where huge plants grow, and the “forgetting valley” where desolate rocks spread, so it is quite fun to walk around Mira-like sightseeing. is.
Also, it is a feature of this work that you can proceed with the player’s guts even in places such as rocks and lakes that are obstacles that can not be invaded in ordinary games. It’s really fun to develop a route, such as jumping up a rocky area and climbing over a cliff, or swimming in the sea on a continent with strong enemies and landing secretly.

 Not only the straightforward method, but the map design with a wide bosom that is made so that if you try the route that you thought “I can go from here?”, You can only say that it is Nintendo & Monolith Soft.
 The feature of this work is that the strength of the enemies in the field is quite different. Ignore the making of ordinary RPGs, such as there are protists of ridiculous strength right after leaving NLA, and giant creatures of 50 levels or more are walking alongside enemies around 10 levels. The ecosystem is being built.

 The characteristics of such enemies, such as those that attack when you enter the field of view and those that attack in response to sound, are displayed above the enemy’s head in the form of an icon, so you should not approach the opponent you thought was dangerous. Tips for surviving with Mira.
By the way, there is no penalty for annihilation, but it will be returned to a specific place at the time of resurrection. You may have to be careful not to die in places far from where you can be resurrected, such as in the interior of the planet or in the forts of enemy forces.

 When you notice it, the surroundings are full of high-level enemies …. It often happens that you are sneaking forward without being noticed, which makes you feel like you are surviving on an unknown planet.

Make the planet Mira naked with “Frontier Net” !? -Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition

 The main purpose of Blade is to explore “life” as I wrote before. However, it is quite unreasonable to search for “life” without knowing the geography and wandering around the violent protists. That’s where the “Frontier Net” comes in

This is an excellent thing that by installing an information probe called “Data Probe” at a designated point on the planet Mira, it will automatically analyze the surrounding information!

 On the frontier net, each area is divided into sections called “segments”. At first, nothing is displayed in the “segment”, but by installing the “data probe”, what is in the surrounding segment is displayed as an icon.
By looking at the information, actions such as “Let’s go find it because there is a treasure box in this segment” or “Let’s go to subdue because there is an overd (dangerous protist with special power)” It can also be a guide.

 Therefore, installing a “data probe” is very important for players to know about Mira.
As you can see from the frontier net map, the entire Mira is densely covered with segments, and all the segments always have some kind of icon.

 In other words, a tremendous number of events are hidden in the field. Wouldn’t it be exciting just to think about unraveling all of that?

 Information on “Frontier Net” is always displayed on the Wii U GamePad. If you want to see what’s around you, you can always look at it by looking down, which is convenient for Hijo!
 When you approach the target enemy on the field and pull out the sword, you will enter the battle as it is. There are basically two actions that the player can take: auto-attack, which attacks at regular intervals, and “arts,” which have various effects.

 It’s so simple that even people who don’t play RPGs can learn how to operate it immediately. By the way, the basic system is the same as “Xenoblade Chronicles”, but the details have evolved to make it easier to play.

 First, let’s briefly explain the types of weapons that can be used in auto attack.
Basically, fighting weapons can only be used when approaching, and it is a single attack, but it has the characteristic that the tension point (TP) tends to rise with a single blow.

 On the other hand, shooting weapons can attack from a long distance and can fire continuously until the loaded bullets are shot, but the increase in TP is low.

 By accumulating TP with auto attack in this way, you will be able to revive fallen friends and use powerful arts called tension arts. So, although it is an auto attack that tends to be hidden in the shadow of powerful “arts”, it has an important role of accumulating TP that makes the battle advantageous.

On the other hand, “Arts” has a powerful effect such as hitting big damage and strengthening allies. However, please note that once you use the arts, you will not be able to use them for a certain period of time until the recast is completed. However, since there is no concept such as MP, you can use the arts as many times as you like by recasting.

 Some arts will increase damage if you continue to use them from another art. Therefore, in order to deal damage efficiently, there is also a strategy to think about the characteristics of the arts and the order in which they are used.

 In this work, you can now see where you are with respect to the enemy, making it easier to adjust the position of the arts, which is more effective when used from a specific direction.
The Zako battle ends as soon as you use all the arts, so you can proceed quickly. On the other hand, in boss battles, it is difficult to break through unless you carefully consider how to use equipment and arts and take measures, and even people who are accustomed to RPGs have a crunchy balance to struggle with.

 However, there is Nintendo. There is also a remedy that you can optionally reduce the difficulty if you lose several times. There is no penalty for lowering the difficulty level, so even those who do not play RPGs can enjoy the story.

Conversation with friends gives me strength! – Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition

 Like “Xenoblade Chronicles”, in this work, friends will talk during the battle. In the previous work, there was “Sudden Kizuna” that raises the tension when responding to the voices of friends, but in this work, “Soul”, which is a further development of “Talking with friends”, has appeared.

“Soul Voice” is established by using the arts that correspond to the lines that your friends have called during the battle. When HP is restored and the effect of arts is increased, a great effect will appear.

 The voices of friends are also displayed in letters, the icons of the arts to choose are emphasized, and there is plenty of time to return “Soul Voice”. Even if you miss the lines, you’ll be in time.

 If you use arts that support “Soul Voice”, HP will be restored, so it is interesting that the more you attack, the more advantageous the battle will be. Even if you are a beginner who does not know which arts to use, it is also a point that you can advance the battle in an advantageous way by answering the “calling” of your friends and using the arts.
As the story progresses, another force “overclocking gear” is released. This will greatly speed up the recast of your arts, so you’ll be able to use them!

 In addition, by continuing to use either Fighting Arts or Shooting Arts, the number of gear counters in the center will increase. Since the damage and the recast speed of the arts are multiplied according to this number, it is a refreshing mode that can hit out great damage even in a short time.

In addition, an ore called “Miranium” can be obtained from the data probe, and it is possible to raise the level quickly by investing this in a company. The most important thing to succeed in Mira is to install more and more “data probes”.

 There are also special data probes such as “mining probes” that increase the amount of mining of miranium but reduce the amount of money, and “research probes” that increase the amount of mining of miranium but decrease the amount of mining. By replacing these probes, you can enjoy it like a management SLG that makes money and profits of Miranium.

■ The biggest feature of this work, a lump of romance! Giant robot “doll” of Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition !!

xenoblade chronicles

If you advance the story and pass the “Doll License Certification Exam”, you will be able to use a giant robot called “Doll

 Dolls are several times larger than humans, and their fighting ability is also different. It can be used not only in battle but also in movement. The situation that anyone who loves robots has dreamed of, such as riding a giant robot and running around a vast field to fight protists, has been realized!
 You can get on and off the doll freely even during battle, and of course, it is seamless. If you go further in the story, you will be able to fly around the sky freely.

 I can assure you that even if you take one doll, it is so uncompromising that you will want to say, “Is this” Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition “a monster!”

 The impression I actually got on the doll was “Big, strong, cool !!”. And the first thing that surprises me in the doll battle is the damage. Compared to the damage that the real protagonists can do at that time, the damage is literally different. Depending on the armament, I think, “Well, can I do so much damage !?”
 Some people may be worried about the imbalance, but there are many protists in Mira who have HP that does not make such a doll’s attack a thing. Think of a doll as a trump card to confront a mighty enemy that humans can never win.

 Dolls have multiple aircraft series, each with different performance and special effects during overclocking gear. In addition, there are plenty of doll-specific weapons and armor that you can customize as you like. You can freely change the aircraft color and doll name, so you can create your own doll!

■ 100 hours is not enough! The planet Mira has a lot of charm that can’t be talked about yet !!

xenoblade chronicles team

 The playtime in the sample version has slightly exceeded 100 hours, but this work “Xenoblade Cross” has not been fully played yet. There are a lot of elements that haven’t been written out in this review, so I hope you’ll play it and experience the incredible fun of this game!

 In addition, play using the network is also prepared for this work. You can enjoy various play styles such as “Scord Mission” where you can play with 32 players loosely, “Time Attack” where you compete with other players for the time when you defeated a strong enemy, and “World Enemy” where you fight in cooperation with 4 players. And that.

 Anyway, you can play a lot, so I’m looking forward to the day when you can have an adventure with you on the planet Mira!

 In addition, a list of avatar FACE and soul voice types that are useful for character makeup are also posted. The map of each continent of Planet Mira is posted in oversized size, so it is sure to be useful when playing!



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